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“My sessions with Marshall have been game-changing for me. He has been so helpful in getting me to understand how to best value my time. This has led to big changes in letting go and delegating so that I can be doing the things that I do best and love to do.

Essentially, he’s teaching me how to be free to be me in both my personal life and professional life. One highlight during a session was when we were discussing all of the meetings I attend at work. Marshall said, “If Renee is in a meeting and she’s not talking or actively listening for 10 minutes, does she need to be there?” This was eye-opening for me. I immediately shared that with my team and we have made some adjustments in our meeting agendas so that I am there when I am needed and I don’t have to be there when it’s not time well spent for me.

In summary, Marshall challenges to think outside of the box as to how I live my personal and professional life and is helping me to get to a better place with more time for true joy! ”


“We started with Inbox Zero and found Marshall was brilliant in the subject. My inbox was empty in a week and no more negative emotions arisen since that. Later we did different goals coaching now at Productivity for Leaders. I highly recommend hiring Marshall as your personal coach. ”


Inbox Zero

“I hired Marshall to help me to reach Inbox Zero. I am involved in two different businesses, as well as having an academic activity, so my email life is quite complex.

In the past few years, have tried several times to reach Inbox Zero, but every time I had disastrous relapses (my inboxes filling up again for several weeks or even months) when pressure from my professional activity would grow and I could not cope with the tsunami of incoming emails.

For several days in a row, I have now been able to have my 9 inboxes (I started the coaching with him with 14 inboxes…) to zero every day.

Marshall is an excellent coach because, though he has a well-organized approach, which includes well-tested steps to bring you to Inbox Zero, he tries to understand your situation and adapts his coaching and advice according to the constraints from your specific contexts.

What he offers is truly amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone being serious about reaching Inbox Zero. ”



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“I was really overwhelmed by my email, feeling I didn’t have any time to do “real” work. Marshall helped me regain a sense of control over my email and my time, while also appreciating my individual preferences and circumstances. Greatly appreciated!”


“Marshall coached me on Inbox Zero. The results speak for themselves: I have returned my inbox to zero nearly every day (I took a break during a few vacation days) for the past 28 days now. The benefits are greater than “Isn’t it nice to look at this clean inbox?” This discipline makes better of use of your time; you get better at processing emails once, and not cycling through them multiple times. It’s not a stretch to say that it has made me enjoy work more.”


“Marshall helped me with getting my Inbox to Zero. I was already managing my inbox quite well, but Marshall helped me managing it even better and after having around 20-30 emails for a long time I know managed to have around 0-10 emails in my inbox.
Marshall helped me gather a couple of useful tips and trips, for example, a useful out of office message you can use during your workday.
Marshall also didn’t just help me with my Inbox to Zero, but was helpful with answering several other questions I had, for example with regard to the Coach.me concept.

I can highly recommend Marshall as a coach to anyone wanting to get his inbox more under control, while at the same time having someone that is willing to help on other questions that come up in the meantime.

Thank you, Marshall!”


“WOW! I did it! With the help of my coach Marshall, I have managed to keep my emails from overwhelming me. The steps were doable and easy to follow and Marshall was very helpful and encouraging along the way!”


“Marshall completely transformed my relationship with email. I no longer let email interrupt my day–in fact, I’ve even hidden my email and slack apps in a folder on my phone. I only check when I mean to check. Plus, Marshall helped me get a lot more efficient so that when I do check, I’m spending less time processing my inbox.”


“Really enjoyed working with Marshall on my email. It’s under control for the first time ever!”


“Marshall coached me through 21 Days To Inbox Zero and I found the structured plan was excellent. I reduced my time spent with the email open from somewhere around 2.5 – 3 hours down to less than 1 hour in total each day. I now also have a weekend free from email. This has all allowed me to invest my energy or more important tasks/projects and has massively reduced the amount of time I spend in reaction mode.

Marshall’s frequency of useful feedback was awesome. He clearly has loads of experience in many different areas of business and life which resonated with me from a holistic improvement perspective.

Awesome experience!”


“I signed up for Inbox Zero with Marshall, hoping to get an overflowing, anxiety-inducing inbox under control. It was my first experience of online coaching, and I’ll admit to being a bit sceptical at signup – but I’m very glad I decided to make the experiment. Having a real person responding to my concerns at a personal level really did provide that extra boost I needed to take bold steps. With Marshall’s help, I got my email under control remarkably quickly. I’m a much better correspondent even though I spend so much less time with email than before, and it’s stopped being a worry.”


“Marshall’s advice on Inbox Zero resulted in removing 25,000 personal and 9,600 work emails from my inbox and keeping the number under 15 on an ongoing basis. He tailored his program to meet my timeline and needs and followed up consistently. He is a great coach!”


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