Inbox Zero and Productivity Coaching

Premium one on one Coaching

I currently have Inbox Zero 1-1 coaching spots available.

My service is a weekly 1-1 video coaching call with ad-hoc email support (just not too many emails!)

My rate is USD$500 a month for a minimum of one month (4 calls).

If you are interested, we can have an initial 25-minute call free of charge and obligation. Please book at – Habit Coaching on your Phone

A less intensive text chat option is for USd$15 per week. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Corporate and Group Training

If you are interested in corporate email training, I can present a group workshop using the “Email Handyman” method.

You can learn more about that here, and email me if you want to know more.


Read all about it

I’ve written a book: “21 days to Inbox Zero”, and you can grab that on your Kindle for a couple of dollars here – 21 days to Inbox Zero on Amazon

Or, save your money and read the same thing on medium:

21 Days to Inbox Zero РA complete and tested system for taking control of your emails